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Madhuri Marelli, M.A.

Madhuri Marelli

Madhuri Marelli's work and personal life focus on healing, maximizing knowledge, and living according to highest potential with joy and enthusiasm. Developing inner strength and peace enable us to weather the storms of life. Finding what passionately excites us in life and expressing our creativity in our own unique ways gives us meaning. By increasing our awareness of our spiritual nature, we live life more fully appreciating in gratitude our special talents and purpose. With this comes "knowing" infinite love that is available for giving and receiving.

From the time of birth, we begin experiencing loss. Through Spiritual Counseling and Grief Work we learn how to process these losses. We are never healed fully in terms of overcoming all our pain and suffering. To believe this is possible is a painful illusion. What is possible is finding that sacred place inside ourselves and lovingly developing it into a space of consciousness where our deep feelings exist, are wholly acknowledged and acceptable. Even our angers, resentments, envy, greed and lusts are acceptable. Through healing, we find our true selves. We learn to develop discipline so that our communications and actions represent us truly as we are. We learn dignity and self respect which is visible to others. We experience people beginning to reflect to us the ways we regard ourselves.

Negative feelings and thoughts come and go based on habitual patterns. It is possible to let go of limiting beliefs. It is possible to learn to stop judging ourselves and others, and become open and loving to receive our own and others joy and love. We become abundant the more we move into this active space of acceptance. It isn't passive. Having and expanding this space enables us to function in times when things are going well, as well as in times of loss and trauma.

From this sacred inner space, we can maintain and sustain where we are, or make changes to move on in our lives. In this place of honest and sweet acceptance of ourselves and our feelings, gratitude, joy and peace move in to replace the known wrenching or less known buried pains. We can create new environments for ourselves inwardly and outwardly. This supports our needs, dreams and goals for our lives. This is the blueprint for Spiritual Counseling and Grief Work.

Wellness Consulting is a comprehensive assessment of health based on discussion and education about current health concerns, and suggestions are made regarding bio-identical hormones and nutritional supplementation.

Spiritual Counseling and Grief Work, and Wellness Consulting are the foundation of experiencing and expressing full and balanced living. These services can be done individually, as a couple or in groups. Counseling and Wellness Consulting services can be done either by themselves or comprehensively together over time.

Please email to set up a free 15 minute appointment to learn how this counseling work can help you.


I am available to do counseling work in your home, place of business or via Skype. My Spiritual Counseling work is not a substitute for treating physical or severe mental illness, however, it may lead you to a place where you can heal on all levels.